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Logistics Services - Alianza Galadtrans


Our EuroTIR services mean we can offer our direct customers and major logistics operators a daily freight transport service between the main European countries, with over 200 trucks of our own.

We specialise in export loads and groupage, with temperature-controlled transport, industry, medicines etc., which we use to place goods anywhere in Europe.

We efficiently and smoothly link up any point on the Iberian peninsula by using a groupage and stockage service with our own infrastructure.

Alianza Galadtrans has branches in Seville, Malaga, Valencia, Castellón (with its Central Offices in Almenara) and Barcelona, so as to dominate the Mediterranean arch.

With its own warehouse, Alianza Galadtrans carries out groupage services for exporting all kinds of goods in the main production sectors.


Over 70 multilingual professionals with proven experience in the sector and continuous training at both our own national branches and in all the countries where we work form a dynamic team always attentive to each customer’s needs, the distinguishing feature of Alianza Galadtrans.

Each part of the team takes on a direct commitment with customers and suppliers to get involved as far as possible, offering a flexible and approachable service that is equally efficient and decisive.


Galadtrans was founded as a transport and logistics company, soon becoming a benchmark in the sector. Over 20 years’ experience of its management team, along with the best selection of professionals located all over Europe and a tried and trusted sales team gave rise to the creation of Alianza Galadtrans.

Since then Alianza Galadtrans has signed different agreements with other transport companies, growing in an orderly manner, with the aim of providing the greatest possible cover for customers.