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Company - Alianza Galadtrans
  • Commitment to quality

A single transport company
for a comprehensive service

Galadtrans was founded in 2009 as a transport and logistics company, soon becoming a benchmark in the sector.

Over 15 years’ experience of its management team, along with the best selection of professionals located all over Europe and a tried and trusted sales team gave rise to the creation of Alianza Galadtrans in 2012.

Since then Alianza Galadtrans has signed different agreements with other transport companies, growing in an orderly manner, with the aim of providing the greatest possible cover for customers and forging a successful path forward based on endeavour and commitment.

Our company’s operations are insured by insurance companies Crédito y Caución and Coface to cover the goods on each trip, consolidating a comprehensive quality service.

At the present time, the company stands among the best transport firms operating all over Europe, specialising in the western side (Spain, France, England, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Portugal), but with a presence in all the strategic locations on the continent.

Alianza Galadtrans provides comprehensive transport management in which the approach and sales network of an agency are combined with the capacity of a haulage company.


We pinpoint each individual customer’s needs as regards their transport service.
We adapt our work processes to comply with the level of requirements marked in each project, attempting to combine synergies among the traffic.
We attempt to ensure a fluid communication with the customer and a completely flexible level of service in view of the needs of seasonal campaigns.
Approachability and flexibility are the characteristics of our customer care, available all over Europe.


We offer you import trips from the main European countries.
We help you to optimise the profitability of trips with return loads.
We give you the backing of comprehensive management to enable you to optimise your business’s profitability.
We are aware of and settle any incidents which may arise in each process with constant attention.


Galadtrans runs road transport on national and international scales. Our traffic can be found all over the European market, with a special focus on Germany, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Portugal and the Netherlands.

Galadtrans has a young and dynamic human team, made up of professionals from the sector who contribute specific knowledge of each international market, apart from providing their experience in transport.

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