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Quality and responsability - Alianza Galadtrans
  • Quality and responsability

Commitment to quality

Our mission is to meet the requests of our customers providing high quality services by
exceeding their expectations in the realization, ensuring the safety of the products
carried and managing our day to day business making it compatible with sustainable
development and our responsibility to society.

ISO 9001: 2015 certificate

Certificate that accredits the development and implementation of a
quality management system to be at the forefront of the sector.

QS certificate

The objective of the QS system is the continuous guarantee of the quality of the process in all the stages of the system chain.

GDP certificate

Certificate of good practices for the distribution of medicines for human use (GDP).

IFS Certificate

Certificate of road transport of food products at room temperature or controlled
temperature (IFS).


Our mission is to cater for all our customers demands by offering a high quality service which always excedes their expectations.


One of the values of our business philosophy is each departament´s commitment to a quality service. This commitment is also aplied externally through our corporate social responsability. At Alianza Galadtrans we are committed to society, cooperating with different bodies and initiatives which improve people´s quality of life.