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Resources - Alianza Galadtrans


Over 200 of our own refrigerated trucks
300 refrigerated trucks in the season
Alliances with the main transport companies
10 complete Scania 520 combinations fitted with the latest geolocation technology

At Galadtrans we have an extensive fleet of  vehicles enabling us to cater for the most demanding requirements of the market and storage facilities of over 1000 m2.

We have representation agreements with different transport companies, so as to ensure we have a large fleet available enabling us to cover practically all the seasonal campaigns with the flexibility required by today’s markets.


Alliance with VALIENTE

A representation agreement for fruit and vegetable export traffic, mainly perishable goods from Morocco and Andalusia to Europe, as well as cooperating by offering import loads from Europe to Spain.

Transportes Sandoval

A representation agreement for export traffic, covering the whole province of Murcia.

Transportes Mercé

A representation agreement for export traffic covering the whole Valencian Region.

Transportes FRÍO HUELVA

A representation agreement for fruit and vegetable export traffic, mainly the strawberry and perishable campaign from Andalusia to Europe.

Transportes GOYANES

A representation agreement for citrus fruit export traffic from the Mediterranean strip towards Europe and frozen food and fish from northern Spain towards Europe.


At Alianza Galadtrans we take innovation into account as an opportunity to go on growing along with our customers and suppliers. That’s why we  have total control over each process thanks to our constantly developing and adapting I.T. system.

Taking into account the fact that we work with perishable produce, our own system helps us to locate each load by GPS to the minute, knowing the temperature in the cold stores at all times and when the door of each truck is opened.


Continuous training, professional, multilingual native staff in each language and presence in Spain, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, France, Holland and Belgium.

Over 70 multilingual professionals with proven experience in the sector and continuous training at both our national branches and in all the countries in which we work, forming a dynamic team always concerned with each customer’s needs, the distinctive feature of Alianza Galadtrans.

Each part of the team takes on a direct commitment with customers and suppliers to get involved as far as possible, offering a flexible and approachable service which is also efficient and decisive.


Work with us

Values fostered at Alianza Galadtrans:
Family business culture
Working flexibility and family-work balance
Teamwork and open communication
Training and professional development
Results and recognition-orientation
Verve, dedication and enthusiasm
Initiative, inventiveness and responsibility
Frankness, respect and empathy
Professional stability (permanent contract)


We have our own I.T. system for following up goods which is able to geographically locate any load in real time, by means of the latest GPS technology.


The human factor is the greatest asset at companies and has to be managed as such. That  is why leadership and the ability to attract and retain the best professionals are key items for a company’s success.

The performance of all our employees has a direct impact on customer service, which is why Alianza Galadtrans offers a continuous training plan concentrating on improving our processes and on Customer Care Service.

Apart from providing training at the job of work, which enables us to tackle its performance properly, we include a professional development scheme intended to improve skills,  which includes leadership, sales, team management, telephone care, communication, etc.

We assess skills and motivation factors
We implement a professional development scheme
We carry out a continuous training plan
We foster leadership